KIMBERLY BUTLER is a still photographer, video and film director, Huffington Post Blogger, poet, creative consultant and rabble rouser. She has photographed hundreds of celebrities and world leaders including five U.S. Presidents. She has shot book covers for New York Times’ Best Sellers, and advertising campaigns for television networks including ABC and Disney. Ms. Butler was also a regular contributor to PEOPLE Magazine for thirteen years.

Ms. Butler has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and the former Soviet Union as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker; concentrating on humanitarian work. She has photographed and interviewed members of the Jordanian Royal Family, the Palestinian Authority, and the Israeli government; who honored Ms. Butler at the 3000th Year Anniversary of Jerusalem for her work documenting Soviet refugees fleeing war torn Chechnya.

Over the past fifteen years Ms. Butler has been the Producer and creative force behind the American Library Association’s popular Celebrity “READ” poster series, exhibited nationwide in public schools and libraries.

Ms. Butler has recently completed the "Art of Fear", a memoir in photos and poetry. Upcoming projects include the first 22 images for “Banned Books” premiered at the PULP Gallery in Charleston, SC October 2016.

Ms. Butler is proud to be a native New Yorker and Honors Graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in New York City.

You can contact Kimberly Butler at: